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  • Welcome to the Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy, a charity established by the Churches of Guildford to care for people in the town centre.
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  • Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy
    c/o YMCA (Guildford)
    Bridge Street
    GU1 4SB
  • What We Do

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  • We work with volunteers who give of their time to care for, help and listen to anyone who is in need regardless of their circumstances.
  • Our Mission

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  • Rod Boreham is Town Centre Chaplain. In this role he aims to build bridges between the communities of faith and work, leisure, business and statutory authorities.
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    Volunteer Stories

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    Here are just a few of the reasons why people have volunteered to be Street Angels in Guildford:

    Carol is 29 and has lived in Guildford for 6 years. She works at the University of Surrey running a peer Mentoring scheme for students living in University accommodation.  Carol says “I am really excited about the Street Angels scheme! I can’t put my finger on it, but something inside me just makes me really excited about spending time talking to people about anything and everything! Throughout my life people that have really had an impact on me have often been those who have taken the time to sit and listen to me.  So many times when I really haven’t been sure what to do or who to ask in certain situations, talking to friends and other people has really helped me see a situation more clearly.  So if I can be a cog in the chain for someone else then that would be fantastic!”

    Aly is 60 a retired nurse and deputy manager of a hostel for homeless people in Guildford.  She now works supporting young adults with learning difficulties.  Aly says: “I became a Street Angel because I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.  I feel very privileged to be part of a Christian team supporting vulnerable people and helping to make Guildford Town Centre a safer place to be at night.”

    Tom is 25 and has lived in Guildford since he was 2 years old!  He is an accountant.  Tom says, “I heard about the impact that Street Angels has had in many cities across the UK and wanted to be part of it. I have been involved with supporting homeless people over a number of years while at college, and I have got a real passion for helping vulnerable people. I have already enjoyed the Street Angels training and teamwork and am excited to be part of this new initiative inspired by Guildford churches.

    Caroline is 78 and a mother and grandmother.  She moved to Guildford in late 2007 to be close to her daughter.  Caroline says, “I have been a nurse, midwife, Samaritan and a GP’s wife for many years and so I felt Street Angels to be something I can do to help the community.  I am used to speaking to young people of all ages and would love to be able to help them in any way I can.  Initially I thought I might be too old to do this, but I realise from chatting to young people at night on my way home from the station that they are so friendly and love to chat to me.  Perhaps it is because they feel someone a little older is not threatening and so they feel more comfortable chatting to me.”

    Toby is 32 and a commercial airline pilot.  Toby, a committed Christian like most other Street Angel volunteers, says: “I decided to volunteer for the Street Angels program because I believe the ethos behind it, the values it holds and the practical work it is trying to do embodies the very heart of Jesus message to this world. A group of diverse people with a common belief out on the streets to care and love those they don’t even know, to help those in need, to listen to those who need a friend, with no hidden agenda, not seeking reward or recognition is a group I want to be a part of, because those are the very things Jesus has done for me.”

    Adrian has lived in Guildford for 4 years having moved from London to attend the College of Law.  Now married and happily living in Shalford with his wife Caroline, Adrian volunteered to become a Street Angel to help put something back into the community. “I know what it’s like at first hand to be out of your depth in a drinking environment.” Says Adrian.  “Going out on the town is usually great fun but there is a darker side to things especially where alcohol is involved. I want to just be there to help those who might need help”.

    Prayer And Reflection

    “So let us learn how to serve, And in our lives enthrone Him; Each other's needs to prefer, For it is Christ we're serving.”

    (Graham Kendrick)

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    Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy
    YMCA (Guildford)
    Bridge Street
    GU1 4SB
    Town Centre Chaplain:
    Rod Boreham

    +44 (0)7500 834 658
    Street Angels Coordinator: Fiona Ford
    +44 (0)7717 876 853

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